Telegram Blog RSS

I’ve been getting into RSS readers recently as I’ve been getting more interested in blogs. I don’t care for bookmarks and having a consolodated feed of everything I care about is cool.

One of my favourite “blogs” (if you can call it that) is the Telegram Product Blog, updated alongside every Telegram app update.

I’m a huge fan of the software Telegram puts out—incredibly native, detailed apps where state is synced and updated instantly across all your devices. This extends to their product blog where they post top notch illustrations with every update and Apple-like videos showcasing new features.

👀 You can see what I’m talking about here. This video showing the new icons and menus for their macOS app is far better than it has any right to be.

Unfortunately, when I went to add this blog to my RSS reader app (I’m using Reeder 5 on iOS and macOS)…

How would I deal with such an awful event in my life? How could I ever possibly financially recover?

The answer is Telegram Blog RSS, a new custom-built RSS server exclusively for the Telegram Blog:

Simply start up this server, and point your RSS reader to /feed.xml, and you’ll have the Telegram Blog in your RSS reader free of charge.

In true Telegram fashion, everything is filled out properly including author and date tags. And if there’s anything missing it’s only a pull request away :~)

This service is also hosted on the darnfish™️ Cloud® at with a 00.1% SLA. Don’t open it up in your browser though due to unforseen consequences with directly injecting the HTML of the blog post into the RSS feed item.