Hexagonify Yourself

He's taking a bath, not being waterboarded

Over the last week Twitter released an exclusive feature to their paid subscription platform that lets you link your ETH wallet and pick an NFT as your profile picture. If you do, the frame of your profile picture will go full hexagon mode (from a circle).

For whatever reason (maybe to inspire someone to make this idea a reality), the hexagon’s scale isn’t 1:1. The height actually fits perfectly inside the shape of a circle:

Introducing Twitter NFT PFP (it rolls off the tongue), the first service to accurately hexagonify your profile picture to make your NFT heists easier:

Just drag and drop your profile picture, and of course, right click to save

You can try it out yourself at https://twitter-nft-pfp.vercel.app, or view the source here: https://github.com/darnfish/twitter-nft-pfp.

Hey, this isn’t original though!

True, but the other one on Product Hunt stretched the hexagon vertically resulting in clipped edges, and the other one I found floating around on Twitter shrinked the default Illustrator shape, so with TWTRNFTPFP you get the best perfect hexagon just like the bright minds at Twitter envisioned.

One feature I did like from the Product Hunt entry is the ability to link your Twitter account with their API and have it done for you. I wish I had some Twitter API creds to pull this off. At least it works on Safari.