Reflecting on 2023

Wanted to write a small post on some things I accomplished in 2023:

  • Started working on a new Darn Fish IP: Pickup, hopefully releasing in 2024
  • Met my personal finance goals
    • Surpassed my net worth goal
    • Learnt more about trading, built out my portfolio
    • Sold items I didn’t need anymore
  • Built Darn Cloud, my personal home server
    • Started learning Ansible, which is used to set up and provision Darn Cloud from scratch
    • Learnt more Ubuntu / Linux, Docker (mainly Compose)
    • Finally built a new computer for the first time since 2017
      • Post about this hopefully coming soon!
    • Moved the majority of my online services (Wash Your Lyrics, this blog, etc) to it
    • Dived into the world of self hosting and data sovereignty
  • Fleshed out my own home network
    • Built a network rack for the first time (100% UniFi)
      • Again, post about this hopefully coming soon!
    • Learned more about how computers actually talk
  • Lost a tiny bit of weight via exercise and calorie counting, but more to come in 2024

I am proud of what I accomplished this year and I’m excited to go into 2024 with loftier ambitions :~)